History – The GFI Story – About Our Trucking Business in Mount Joy, PA


GFI Transport, the outgrowth of Garber Farms, Inc., was created in 1990, initially to meet a need to move feed ingredients from the family farm. In 1961, James & Martha Garber purchased a farm in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania and began to raise steers, hogs and poultry. The farming operation grew and in 1980 James and Martha along with their sons, Phil & Roger, purchased an adjacent farm. Growing feed for their livestock was a way to operate more efficiently. As they produced more feed, they needed to haul more feed ingredients which led to the purchase of the first truck and trailer.

Later the family purchased a large dump trailer from an owner who sold his PA-PUC operating authority along with the trailer. Soon after purchasing the operating authority, the company began to haul wheat middlings, a by-product of flour processing. This was the beginning of our new “Haul for Hire Trucking Company.”

GFI Transport started with one driver in 1990 and quickly grew to 8 company drivers and 8 owner/operators by 1995, the year Garber Brokerage was established.

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As the trucking companies grew, the Garber family decided to make transportation their primary focus and so in 2005 they sold all of the farm equipment and rented the farmland to a family friend. They also began to convert the large poultry buildings into storage facilities. In 2006, they started Garber Self Storage, specializing in indoor storage for RV’s, motor homes, boats and other large vehicles. Garber Self Storage has quickly grown, and most recently added units for smaller storage as well.

Today, GFI Transport employs more than 45 full-time and part-time employees. This includes 40 full- and part-time drivers, 4 dispatchers, 3 diesel mechanics and additional accounting and administrative staff. As the third generation of the Garber Family prepares to take on the leadership of the company, GFI Transport and Garber Brokerage are poised to become leaders in the transportation logistics industry. We are excited to see what the future holds for our company.

At GFI, we do not take our family-operated business for granted. We recognize that God is in control and we are deeply thankful and continue to give Him all the Glory.