Integrity / Service / Diligence

It’s more than just our slogan.  It’s our way of doing business, our way of treating people, and it’s our way of life.  Working with GFI Transport you will benefit from our strong Central Pennsylvania work ethic and our Christian heritage.  Faith, Family and Hard Work have made us strong and will keep us growing into the future.


Traffic, weather, plant maintenance and breakdowns…they can all impact getting your product where it needs to be on time.  How a trucking company handles these challenges is extremely important.  Open, honest communication—you expect it; you deserve it.  If there is ever a situation that impacts your shipment, or if you have a question, GFI Transport will give you honest, timely answers not “the run-around”.

We treat our drivers and our customers with respect as we want to be treated.


We realize that open communication is critical—both with our drivers and with our customers.  That’s one reason GFI Transport has a staff member on call 24 hours per day / 7 days per week—to assist our drivers and keep them moving by handling emergencies and challenges.

GFI Transport also employs the latest in GPS technology so our dispatchers send drivers out with accurate directions, and we know where our trucks are at all times.


GFI Transport is completely committed to customer satisfaction.  Let’s face it, challenges are a part of life and the transportation industry is certainly no exception.  We have the personnel, knowledge, skills, and persistence to handle any situation that arises and are committed to following through until a resolution is achieved that meets the needs and expectations of our customers.